Below, Rose talks about the TikTok fashion community, how she packs bags and what projects draws attention.

1. What made you want to create an outfit with a fake Louis Vuitton bag?

“I have this strange side of me that loves making outfits with unconventional garments. I can literally look at a toaster and think, “How can I turn it into a suit?” There were photos of two-piece sets with Louis Vuitton print that were fashionable in my feed, and any other person thought it was made with printed material, but in my head I initially thought they were made of bags. So I thought it would be fun to recreate the look. The bag came from one of those sketchy Asian fashion sites that sell everything from fake bags to tires. It took me 8-10 hours, since I had no previous experience with cutting and sewing bags. I had no idea what I was doing. [Going to the Vuitton store in that outfit] it’s a moment I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren about. In the shop, no one contacted me, but I remember one worker was shocked to find out that my dress was made with a handbag. “

2. Do you have eyes on other bags to do it with?

“After my Louis Vuitton set, I actually made a fake Gucci set. The next bag on my butcher list is a Fendi or Dior. “

TikTok: courtesy of @thenavarose

3. What is your favorite TikTok that you have ever made? What did it take more?

“My favorite is probably my first Disney styling video, because it was so funny to imagine what these princesses would have liked if they had come out of my closet. As for the longer one, my first video took more than 4 hours to do, because I didn’t know how to make the transitions, let alone how to even work the app. I don’t know why I decided to choose such a complex concept for my first TikTok. Now it only takes me an hour at most for a clothes transition video. “

4. What is your process for creating TikToks?

“First of all, I choose a song. The way I end up shooting my video is all about the song, because going off the beat lets me know how many clothes I can squeeze into a video. From there I will put together all the clothes I want to present and shoot! Usually my ideas come to mind at random. I always think about outfits and styling, so most of the time I think: “How can I turn it into an outfit?” That’s how my Disney Princess style video was born. However, I recently made multiple videos requested by my followers. I love them so much, so what they ask for, they will receive. “

TikTok: courtesy of @thenavarose

5. What do you think of the potential ban on TikTok in the United States?

“From what I understand, TikTok here in the United States is pretty safe, so I’m not too worried about it. If the ban happens, it would be completely absurd since TikTok is my biggest platform, but I will continue to create on Instagram and Youtube anyway. “

6. What is the most special piece in your wardrobe?

“My most special piece must be my baby blue fur in this post. My hairy baby [her dog Oliver] he died in late 2019 and I made a fur coat with the blanket he was wrapped in when he died. “

TikTok: courtesy of @thenavarose
TikTok: courtesy of @thenavarose

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