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New Smartphone:

It has for those of us interested in the new smartphone technology – it has been difficult in the past few weeks ignore the new device launched an exciting time.

Great thought into the choice of equipment is correct. Something in your hand for the bulk of your day sitting in a highly emotional choice, fighting between the majority and the telecommunications giant will continue. However, this is not my real point here.

We know that the choice of equipment is crucial to a person, which is why we always counsel clients first thought themselves. However, we recognize that technology can only take you so far, what about the user experience is? No product off the drawing board is not a great user experience, right? Not the operating system or the application of our clients are now using the abundance of UE. But for the initial deployment of the user experience, which is open the box “of the moment, what experience, if – ØM G -something liking!

Let’s start to get your new phone. Your phone is so important to you, get a new device should be exciting and easy. Charging device, the SIM card, mobile device management settings, downloaded applications, for cover, select the headset. What is out of the experience. Would not it be better to give your people a company’s brand opened the box, nestled in the protective cover of your choice, perhaps a pre-configured, shiny equipment and accessories have been working with you? As your application is installed? And capsules, to let you know that you have a network security threat coverage?

Do you need to make sure this is not what you see in the device, then how to protect assets last? Ah, which began deployment. O2 is now an Apple device enrollment plan (DEP) partners this means choosing your enterprise mobile platform is embedded in the activation point to iOS devices, and more importantly, it can not be deleted. bingo! Greater control and visibility of equipment throughout its life cycle, maintaining a valuable asset, until the day it is recycled or sold.

This is a good start, but after the deployment of the long run what’s wrong? Without my phone, I’m lost. Weakness. To be honest, distraught. The good news is that our apple DEP implementation is unique – as you would expect, we first put the people’s interests. DEP if your device is lost, stolen or damaged, and the warranty will replace the O2 device very next business day * Worse, you will not have to do anything. Just open your device and personal data DEP is configured – you later in the game. Frankly, alternatives for our services is good unpalatable and may involve access to shops, post equipment, management, and ultimately delay. Not in my book user experience.

Our client activity held in October, so if you want to know more about how to put your people in your operations center, please just send me an e-mail. You can also learn more about how we can help our customers to deploy a Web site management device.


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