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The conviction of three teenagers for the manslaughter of PC Andrew Harper – who died after being dragged along a road by a car – is featured in many of the front pages of Saturday. Speaking out of court, PC Harper’s widow, Lissie, said she was “completely shocked” by the verdicts after Jessie Cole, 18, Henry Long, 19, and Albert Bowers, 18, were wiped out from her murder.

Daily mirror

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“No justice for my hero husband” is the headline on the front page of the Daily Mirror, which also features a full-page image of Lissie off the pitch after the verdict.

Daily Express

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And the Daily Express claims that Lissie was “upset”. PC Harper’s widow also said she would experience “excruciating pain” for the rest of her life from her husband’s “brutal and senseless killing”.


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The Times is full of claims from a new book on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – In Search of Freedom by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand. The worksheet says the book reveals the “distrust” and “struggle” behind Prince Harry and Meghan’s decision to step back as royal royalty and move to the United States.

Daily mail

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The Daily Mail contains further details on the government’s new anti-obesity measures, which are expected to be announced next week. He says that restaurant and takeaway chains will have to publish calories in every meal they serve, while similar labels will have to be placed on bottles of beer, wine and spirits sold in stores.

The Guardian

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The Guardian reports that women are being treated as “sacrificial lambs” as the UK economy shrinks, with half of the working mothers unable to get the childcare they need to return to the work, citing a childhood survey.

I newspaper

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Elsewhere, the weekend brings a survey that suggests that 80% of people who have been unable to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic want to continue doing so when the virus is killed. He comes as the government prepares to change advice for employers on how to bring staff back to the workplace from August 1.

The Financial Times

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According to FT Weekend, the American bank Goldman Sachs reached a $ 3.9 billion deal with Malaysia for losses suffered by the country in a corruption scandal when billions of dollars were plundered by its state-owned investment fund.

Star of the day

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And Daily Star readers have been urged to “do your homework” and follow new rules on mandatory facades in stores. The article is organizing a contest for 150 readers to win a Dominic Cummings face mask.

There’s a lot of excitement in Saturday newspapers about a new book – serialized in the Times – which explores the rift that prompted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to leave the royal duties on the front lines and move to Los Angeles.

The authors of Finding Freedom describe an atmosphere of “mistrust, bitterness and resentment” – since Prince Harry and Meghan believed they had been mined by “men in gray jackets” who advised other royal families intent on diminishing their popularity.

Fearing that he would be prevented from seeing the queen when they returned from a trip to Canada earlier this year, the couple are said to have “played around with the idea” of driving directly from the airport to pay her a visit. surprise – but decided not to do this to avoid “ruffled feathers”.

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The book also describes Prince Harry’s apparent animosity dismay that he and his wife faced online. In an excerpt, an unnamed friend says that the duke’s stomach “always tied in the same knot” as he scrolled the phone, reading critical news articles and hundreds of underlying “sick” comments.

Prince Harry and Meghan insisted that his testimony is based solely on “the authors’ experiences as members of the royal press corps.”

The sun says the biography contains “sensational” details about the way Prince Harry and Meghan were treated by the palace courtiers and the bitterness and resentment caused by their growing international popularity.

The Daily Mirror suggests providing a valuable insight into the couple’s thoughts, even if they haven’t been interviewed for the book.

Its authors, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, tell the Times that there has been no unprecedented interview with the Duke and Duchess, and instead have relied on the testimony of the contacts forged during their time as part of the body of the press real.

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Lissie Harper’s solemn face appears on many of the front pages, after three teenagers were wiped out from the murder of her husband – PC Andrew Harper – at Old Bailey on Friday.

“Upset” is the title of the Daily Express, while the Daily Mirror describes it The “excruciating pain” of Mrs. Harper when the defendants – who dragged the police officer to death while trying to stop him from stealing a quad bike – were found guilty of the minor manslaughter charge.

According to the Daily Telegraph, former Conservative Police Minister Mike Penning now plans to write to the Attorney General – asking her to investigate whether the verdicts were unduly indulgent.

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More details are emerging on the obesity crackdown that Boris Johnson is expected to launch next week.

The Daily Mail states that according to the proposals, restaurants and takeaways should post information on calories for each meal they serve, while similar labels should be added to alcohol purchased in the store.

In his editorial, he says FT Weekend it’s the right time for such a “political push”, among the growing evidence that obesity doubles the risk of being hospitalized if they contract coronavirus.

According to the Guardian, approx half of working mothers are unable to obtain childcare they must return to work in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A survey of nearly 20,000 working women found that two thirds of key workers have been forced to cut their hours in the past four months due to a lack of childcare options.

About 11% of women expecting a baby said they had already been laid off or were laid off. The electoral group, Pregnant Then Screwed – who conducted the poll – say the results are a “cry for help”.

The government tells the Guardian that it is trying to ensure that more crèches can reopen by purchasing childcare places for the rest of the year.

The Sun says Boris Johnson wants to ban 16 and 17-year-olds from playing national lottery games – including scratch cards. The document states that the legislation will be presented “within a few months” to limit the opportunities that vulnerable young people have to play.

And the Guardian dedicates almost an entire page to a fashion trend that emerged from the coronavirus: the “locking lip”.

Data from a beauty product comparison website suggests that global sales of mustache oil have increased by about two thirds since March, while there has been an increase in people who have searched the Internet for tips on how to grow it. one.

A skincare expert thinks that fashion will quickly pass. “Like white jeans and turtlenecks when you realize I’m inside, I’m actually outside again,” he says.

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