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Comeback Nokia – The Long History Of The Smartphone Company.

Comeback Nokia:

iPhone and Android devices into the smartphone scene, and they changed the whole industry. RIM, Nokia, Palm, and other companies that have dominated this area are unable to catch up fast enough.

They were the giant at the time before Microsoft acquired its mobile device sector, quickly found itself bleeding, and have been trying to maintain its dominant market share.

So why do we now see the Nokia brand phones in 2017, a few years later Nokia seems to have left the highly competitive smartphone market? The answer lies in a somewhat complex difference in the history of the selection, acquisition, and licensing transactions.

Burning Platform:

To better understand why they now come back, it helps to understand how the company eventually sells its entire mobile sector. A good starting point was in 2010 when Stephen Elop became CEO of Nokia. Before that, he was the head of the Microsoft business unit and oversees projects such as Microsoft Office.

At this time, iPhone has appeared for three years, Android for two years. At that time their main operating system is Symbian, it is still occupied 37% market share of the main mobile operating system.

To keep up with the competition, Nokia’s and Intel co-founded MeeGo. But in early 2011, Stephen Elop released the current “burning platform” memorandum.

About 1,300 words of the letter seem to be Symbian to burn the oil platform and say that they will need to skip it to survive. Elop shared his disappointment with Symbian and MeeGo, saying that “the first Apple iPhone shipped in 2007, we do not have a product close to their experience. This may be the most important fragment of the whole letter.

The battle of the device has now become a war of the ecosystem in which the ecosystem not only includes the hardware and software of the device but also includes developersapplicationse-commerceadvertisingsearchsocial applicationslocation-based servicesunified communications, and many other things The Our competitors do not take advantage of the market share of our equipment.

They are occupying our market share throughout the ecosystem. This means that we have to decide how we build, catalyze or join an ecosystem.

Finally, Elop wrote that they will announce a new strategy to “rebuild our market leadership” on Feb. 11. On that day, they announced a partnership with Microsoft.

Windows Phone Year:

With its new partnership, they, as a company’s platform to Windows Phone provides a trust. MeeGo is not on any Nokia device except N9, and the company’s last cell phone with Symbian is Nokia 808 in 2012. Elop later said he wanted them to use Windows phones instead of Android to distinguish them from the company with rivals.

The first Nokia Windows Phone was released in November 2011 as Lumia 800. While the initial sale of 800 and similar devices was good, competition from the iPhone and Android was a major problem. Lumia‘s poor sales led to the company’s bankruptcy in mid-2012.

The Lumia and Asha feature phones have increased the company’s market share, but have little impact on their profit.
Finally, in September 2013, it announced that it would sell its mobile device to Microsoft.

It will become Microsoft’s mobile division and realize Microsoft’s then CEO Steve Ballmer to produce more hardware plans. As part of the deal, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop will return to Microsoft.

Interestingly, the company announced a series of Android devices called Nokia X before it was completed in April 2014. Asha product lineup months after being killed by Microsoft.

Licensing and HMD Global:

According to a deal with Microsoft, they are not allowed to sell smartphones with their brand until the end of 2016, and feature phones in the next 10 years.

But this did not prevent them from moving to other market segments, just after a few days of purchase, the work began on the Nokia N1 Tablet PC.

In November 2014, Ramzi Haidamus (Nokia Tech) explained that they will begin licensing to other brands. The next day, announced the Android-based N1 Tablet PC – designed by them, and manufactured by Foxconn.

N1 was released in January 2015, but for the rest of the year, the company did not have any new message hardware released or released. Then in 2016, Microsoft decided to sell Nokia’s mobile phone business to Foxconn’s FIH Mobile and a Finnish company called HMD Global.

At the same time, they announced a partnership with HMD Global, which will become the sole licensee of the Nokia mobile phone brand. This means that HMD will be the only manufacturer of Nokia mobile phones and smartphones

BlackBerry has a similar partnership with TCL to create all future BlackBerry devices.

HMD’s first device is a Nokia 150, a $ 26 feature phone. In January 2017, the Android-based Nokia 6 was released in China. At the Mobile World Congress, HMD announced the Nokia 5, Nokia 3, and improved Nokia 3310.


You can be sure to say that HMD makes a phone that is not a Nokia phone. its old mobile device division is still part of Microsoft, although it has recently stopped manufacturing Lumia equipment.

they did not yet clear the design of the new HMD equipment level. Considering that they are the only designer of its early N1 tablet, the company may be more involved in its branding equipment, such as Polaroid or RCA. In addition, HMD is run by Nokia veterans, also in Finland.

Whether you see HMD Global’s Nokia product line as “real” equipment depends on you, but we will be as close as possible.

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