A former judge of the Lahore Supreme Court has disqualified a member of the governing body of the Pakistan Cricket Board for three years for fault.

“Former judge of the Lahore Supreme Court, Mr. Justice (retd), Fazal-e-Miran Chauhan has declared Mr. Nauman Butt guilty of violating his undertaking and the code of ethics for BoG members”, stated the cricket boat on its website.

“Following Nauman Butt’s misconduct determination, he is prohibited from contesting the elections or holding an office with any affiliated unit of the Pakistan Cricket Board for three years.”

The judge, in his 24-page judgment, said that complainants Asad Ali Khan and PCB were able to demonstrate that Butt had violated the code of ethics on April 17, 2019.

Butt was found guilty of breaking a board meeting by violating PCB laws by disclosing confidential media documents.

“It was found that he violated the Constitution, the Rules (Code of Ethics), the commitment … and … considered himself immediately disqualified and ceased to be an office holder / Member of the Association.

“He is also prohibited for three years from contesting elections or becoming a member, owner of any association, club, organization, managed, monitored, controlled or affiliated with the Council.”

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