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  • 2 – Sorta Lukewarm Garbage
  • 3 – Strongly Flawed Design
  • 4 – Some Pros, Lots Of Cons
  • 5 – Acceptably Imperfect
  • 6 – Good Enough to Buy On Sale
  • 7 – Great, But Not Best-In-Class
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Price: $120

Hunstman Mini on desk
Michael Crider

The Razer Huntsman Mini is Razer’s smallest keyboard ever, shrinking the options of the widespread Hunstman and BlackWidow traces down right into a semi-standardized 60% keyboard format. It’s a forged little board, with extra options than I might have anticipated, and Razer’s fancy optical switches as the spotlight of the record.

Here’s What We Like

  • Tiny dimension and weight
  • Standard format
  • Detachable USB-C cable

And What We Don’t

Which is why it’s this type of lamentable disgrace that Razer left out the instrument aspect of the equation. The Huntsman Mini is about to compete with a variety of “enthusiast” keyboards like the GK61 and the Anne Pro. But the ones keyboards permit complete programming of their serve as instructions, an crucial part of a smaller keyboard that calls for adaptation to make use of.

Razer Huntsman Mini
Michael Crider

Razer permits some programming on the Huntsman Mini. But roughly part of the keyboard can’t be reassigned on the serve as layer—you’re caught with the default format, as emblazoned on the entrance aspect of the keycaps. It’s an unpardonable mistake on a board like this.

The Hunstman Mini can have been a 60% board for the plenty—a transportable mechanical keyboard you need to purchase at Best Buy and customise in your center’s content material. Instead, it’s relegated to a pleasant however deeply mistaken access in Razer’s lineup. I will be able to most effective suggest a purchase order should you’re prepared to conform to the keyboard, as a substitute of having the keyboard adapt to you.


Looking at the Huntsman Mini by itself, you’d fight to even inform that it comes from Razer. The 60% format doesn’t go away any room for trademarks or different adornments: The most effective clue is in the ones blazing LEDs, which can be on no account distinctive to Razer at this level. You may understand a pair of top class touches, actually, the aluminum most sensible plate and braided USB-C cable.

Razer Huntsman Mini, rear
Michael Crider

Flip the board over, and also you’ll not be doubtful as to who makes it. “FOR GAMERS, BY GAMERS” is embossed in the plastic of the decrease shell, together with the broad label decal and a few very robust rubber toes. A pleasing contact: The fold-out toes are available two levels, bearing in mind 3 other angles for convenience.

Razer Huntsman Mini USB-C port
Michael Crider

An even nicer contact: That robust, reversible, braided, six-foot lengthy USB-C cable could also be removable, so the keyboard travels neatly. In truth the entire factor is superb as a transportable board, lack of a Bluetooth choice however. While the keyboard’s deck is aluminum, its light-weight plastic frame signifies that it received’t weigh you down in a pc bag.

Typing and Gaming

I used to be keen to check out out Razer’s optical switches, and the Huntsman Mini comes supplied with Razer’s second-gen linear design. This signifies that there’s no bump in any respect when urgent it, and it doesn’t make as a lot noise as a clicky or tactile transfer.

Also, it’s optical—this is to mention, it registers a keypress via breaking a beam of gentle as a substitute of final {an electrical} circuit like a regular mechanical transfer. Razer alleges that this makes its keyboard the quickest on the marketplace. I’ll take their phrase for it as a result of I don’t have the superhuman response time it could take to in fact understand that distinction.

Razer Huntsman Mini key switch
Michael Crider

Actually the use of the keys is agreeable sufficient. They’re just a little stiffer than standard Cherry or Gateron switches, with some additional resistance at the backside of a keypress, which feels very similar to the inside foam of a top class “silenced” transfer. Not that those linear switches are quiet: relatively the reverse. Because the distinctive stem design has an external steel stabilizer, each and every unmarried keypress has a small bit of “rattle” to it on the unencumber like a tiny house bar. It’s lovely dang noisy, and the mechanism is a bit more wobbly than I’m used to. Razer additionally gives this board with clicky optical switches.

Using the Huntsman Mini as my paintings keyboard for a number of weeks, I grew acquainted with its key really feel and noise. I’d say it’s completely serviceable should you like linear switches. It’s particularly great that Razer contains PBT plastic for the keycaps, one thing that isn’t a given even on its costliest forums. It makes typing really feel much better.

Razer Huntsman Mini WASD cluster
Michael Crider

Playing video games with the Huntsman Mini took much more adjustment. I have a tendency to backside out the keys when I am getting into it, and that additional bit of firmness at the backside of the motion didn’t trust me. I’ll be at liberty to get again to my standard transfer for gaming, Kailh BOX Yellows, which can be a lot more easy or even. It’s not anything insupportable however would possibly take so much of adjustment relying on what you’re used to.


Which is greater than I will be able to say for Razer’s instrument on the Hunstman Mini. It’s treated via the identical Synapse program as each and every different Razer peripheral, which lets you make a selection your lights and macro settings. The instrument itself is okay … the programming barriers don’t seem to be.

While you’ll be able to rearrange the format of each and every same old key, the default serve as layer for the first two rows and part of the moment is locked. The purpose is apparent: Razer sought after to be sure that the serve as sublegends—the white printing on the entrance of the keycaps—would stay true it doesn’t matter what the person did in Synapse instrument.

Razer Synapse screenshot, Huntsman Mini

In follow, this makes the Huntsman Mini nearly unusable for me. My most popular format on a regular 60% board is to make use of the Caps Lock key as a Function button, then the proper Alt, Windows, Menu, and Control buttons as same old arrow keys (no Fn modifier wanted).

That’s nearly conceivable on the Huntsman Mini: The Caps Lock key will also be reprogrammed on the most sensible layer, however the Fn button itself can not. So, I attempted for my backup format: same old Fn button, with the arrow keys sure to WASD in the serve as layer—additionally unimaginable. The W key’s serve as layer can’t be modified from Volume Up, despite the fact that the A, S, and D buttons will also be changed.

Razer Synapse screenshot, Huntsman Mini

In an try to make this keyboard extra person pleasant, Razer has alienated just about someone who’s used to a 60% board being adaptable to their person taste. It’s a surprising failure for a product so obviously impressed via, and supposed to compete with, enthusiast-focused mini forums.

Better Choices Are Out There

It’s conceivable that Razer may just replace the Synapse instrument and the Huntsman Mini’s firmware to mend the programming problems. But as a machine reviewer, I will be able to most effective evaluate what I’ve been given, or even with a couple of weeks of grade time, there’s no indication that Razer in fact desires to switch the habits of the keyboard.

And that’s too dangerous, as a result of assuming you prefer Razer’s optical switches, it is a excellent little board that makes a very good shuttle significant other. But with its lack of programming choices and reasonably top value, I will be able to’t suggest it to both freshmen or mechanical keyboard veterans.

Razer Huntsman Mini from the side
Michael Crider

For part the value of the Huntsman Mini, you’ll be able to get a GK61 with an identical optical switches, complete programmability, and albeit a far inexpensive case and keycaps. Or should you’re searching for one thing from a extra well known logo, there’s the Ducky One 2 Mini, which admittedly calls for some lovely tedious use of key instructions and dip switches. But should you’re going to put money into a top class tiny keyboard, I’d splurge on the Drop Alt, which has a greater format, frame, and programming, and will use no matter switches you need.

In brief: There are higher choices than the Huntsman Mini, it doesn’t matter what your price range or characteristic necessities. That may alternate if the instrument improves, however for the second, glance somewhere else for a tiny gaming keyboard.

Here’s What We Like

  • Tiny dimension and weight
  • Standard format
  • Detachable USB-C cable

And What We Don’t

  • Very restricted programming
  • “Rattle” noise on each and every key
  • Expensive