Ready-to-wear fashion show by Adam Selman Sport Fall 2020

“Move your body, not your clothes,” smiles Adam Selman at the other end of a Zoom call. This may seem trivial and totally hashtag that other active clothing brands would have eliminated from the bushel. For Selman, it’s an explanation of why his leggings are cut on a slight diagonal from the hip, so that when the wearer runs, he doesn’t have to keep adjusting his sagging pants.

Those bias-cut leggings were one of the first innovations of the designer at Adam Selman Sport. His latest is clearly brilliant. Working in collaboration with new factories, he developed a technique that binds elastic silicone straps to his clothing. The result is a more elegant product with fewer seams, minimizing the weight of the garments and amplifying agility. A new style of bra has a projection molding on the cups for greater support. Of course, ASS has style, but even these performing garments perform on the body.

Doing this type of technological development is new ground for the designer. A model maker by skill and a costume designer by fame, Selman has worked extensively on the knots of women’s clothing. He is now innovating in ways that can be repeated in his main collection going forward.

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