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Samsung Galaxy S10 or Samsung Galaxy X: Price, Leaks, And Rumors.

Samsung Galaxy S10:

Before Samsung Galaxy S10 the Samsung Galaxy S9 has been launched with its “reimagined” camera, and we now receive suggestions about Samsung’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10, which we hope to see in March 2019.

So, what do we know so far about the next phone in the Samsung Galaxy S range of smartphones?


We expect the Galaxy S10 launch date to be during the first quarter of 2019, most likely around March, and the annual event of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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That date would be in line with the release dates of the previous Galaxy S phones: the Galaxy S9 was launched at an event on February 25 (2018) the Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched on April 21 (2017) and if we look back still further back, the Galaxy S7 was launched on March 12 (2016).


From the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung has clung to an easy-to-understand name system, continuing through Samsung Galaxy S2 to the Samsung Galaxy S9, where we are now.

So the natural step for the Galaxy S 2019 would be to call it the Galaxy S10 mobile, but that may not be what happens.

At a press conference held on February 26, 2018, reported by The Investor, Koh Dong-jin, president of Samsung Mobile, said: “Although Samsung will stay with Galaxy Smartphones, we have been thinking if we need to keep the moniker S or the system of numbering. “

Is the best bet on the name if it is not the Galaxy S10 Smartphone? Some people claim that a name similar to the iPhone, Galaxy X could be on the cards, although that is also the rumored name of Samsung’s new folding phone. Samsung keeps its mouth shut.


According to a reliable informant, the Samsung Galaxy 10 will be the first smartphone compatible with 5G super fast.

The user of Weibo ‘Ice Universe‘, which has a pretty good track record when it comes to filtering delicate candy from Samsung, has revealed that the Galaxy S10 Mobile will be the first smartphone compatible with 5G.

This makes a lot of sense since Qualcomm and Samsung recently announced a “strategic relationship” agreement, which specifically mentions the “transition to 5G.

Galaxy S10 users should, then, be able to benefit from the faster internet speeds than 5G will provide.


Ice Universe also revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S10 could have an all-new Infinity Display with an impressive 93 percent screen-to-body ratio (the S8 is currently 83.6 percent).

Feeding everything could be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 if it is believed that there is a leak in Roland Quandt. This will bring the expected improved performance and better efficiency over the current Qualcomm chipset.

It is also expected to include a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), similar to that found in the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. This will handle the entire complex AI and 3D processing, leaving the Qualcomm CPU free to handle more direct tasks.


While we did not see a screen fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S9 model, we heard that the technology is being tested in the next Note 9, although apparently, it will not be ready in time for the Note 9 version.

That means the Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile could be Samsung’s first phone to have that innovative technology, perhaps leaving space on the back of the phone to add more cameras.


It is too early to make any kind of accurate prediction about the price of the Samsung Galaxy S10 telephone. What? Do you want us to try it? We could not possibly. Oh, go on, then.

In the United States, at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Price was $725, while at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 price was a little cheaper than $720.

In the United Kingdom, however, there was a price increase of £ 100 between the two models: the S8was launched at £639, while the S9 was launched at £739.

So, our current (very early!) Guess about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 price is that, barring a massive economic downturn or a sudden consumer demand for ridiculously expensive technology, the price of EE. UU It will remain stable, at $725 or more.

And we can not imagine that the UK launch of the S10 price will fall back to the S8 price levels, so we’re going to bet a British pound sterling on the S10 by launching at £749, ten times more than the S9.

We’ll see if we were right next year:

We will bring you more S10 leaks and rumors as we get them. Until then, why not see how the Galaxy S9 compares to the Samsung Galaxy S8?

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