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Samsung Galaxy S8

If you are one of them we have been looking at 2017 launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, then you may have decided it would be worth the wait. With the Galaxy S7 just been published, we will make it than S6, see a huge upgrade. When galaxies S8 many rumors, we see that we will see everything we want, and so much more.

Some of the biggest concept that we have heard will find the upgrade will improve storage, power, efficiency and safety in both S8 and S8 plus. The greatest feature is two rumors are S8 and S8 edge will give users the ability to remove the battery and the ability of the Micro SD card double.

The Galaxy S8 is a showstopper

While these two features may not sound like much, but look at them a little more to define the true meaning of more memory and a removable battery. Users now need a high prevalence of rival any desktop or laptop computer use and consider the latest Galaxy S8 rumors that we’ll get both storage capacity.

Double micro SD card will get an additional 256GB of memory expansion options. This will be on top of 32GB of local storage, without the use of micro SD card, and give you plenty of storage space for photos, videos, applications, almost anything you can think. Moreover, there is the purchase of Micro SD card, about $ 10 to give you an extra 128GB is a significant price difference compare their upgrade from 32GB to 64GB variant as an additional $ 100.

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Removable battery thing consumers are not willing to see to find the previous model Samsung Galaxy S7 and the current time. Rumors suggesting that Samsung will be brought back to remove the battery, making it possible to upgrade or manually, the ability to swap out the battery life when you need more.

Samsung Galaxy S8 have Impressive design, dazzling screen and a great camera

Removable battery inside the Galaxy S8 mobile may prove to be the best new features, especially as those frequently on the road most of us.