Sony May Take the Crown for the Next Nexus Smartphone in 2019.

Crown for the Next Nexus Smartphone:

Nexus smartphone line, developed by Google, powered by the Android operating system to run. Now, it is ready in 2017 in the Nexus lineup device surprise you are considered milestone Google.

Google has plans to launch their next Nexus smartphone in 2017 and SONY may take the crown of it. Next Nexus Smartphone Next Nexus Smartphone

In The Next Generation Nexus Smartphone:

In a recent video on YouTube by Google, it shows that relationship in the future will have the same design and function of the camera because most SONY device has.

Although it is expected that HTC will make up the next Nexus phone, 2017, but now the game seems to have changed. And Sony has made Nexus and the fact that the new Nexus is expected to have almost the same functionality as Sony Xperia Z1 past interest, presumably, there is a possibility is high, Google will take the SONY as its next device option.

Sony’s 2017 Lineup of Smartphones:

Sony in the smartphone industry has established a very good image. With its sophisticated Xperia series, one can expect SONY give an ultimate experience of Nexus smartphones in 2017 there are rumors that the relationship will have a Sony 4K Quad HD display.

Many of the features that are in Xperia series, such as dust, water, the scratch may be available in the future Nexus. SONY’s relationship has been proven in the market image, due to the existing reputation. One of the main core competitiveness of a good camera and high-definition picture quality Sony smartphone.

Critical Analysis:

Critics argue that four times as a high-definition monitor water battery. “What would be the benefits of such a good show, it can not even run for an hour normal?” This question has been the SONY into trouble.

Thus, it may have plans to increase the size of the battery. Therefore, we can expect that the device will be called a “flat mobile phone.”

Last words:

If the technology giants, such as HTCSamsungMotorolaLG, and Huawei have been given an opportunity to make a Nexus smartphone why not SONY will have the opportunity and innovation in manufacturing and Nexus smartphone with Google investment.

We might expect by mid-2017 at Sony Nexus One phone with many of its competitors, such as Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 7Salong. However, all of these facts is not just enough to prove that Sony will certainly make up for the next Nexus phone. It can be LGHTC also. Where we can expect the next Nexus phone is beyond a dream.

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