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Store Your Treasure In Heaven, Not On Earth (Matthew 6:19-34)

Store Your Treasure In Heaven:

We must not only ask God our daily regulations, but we also object to the material wealth and other treasures that are stored on the earth,

Do not store their treasures on earth, there are insect bites, rust, there are thieves digging holes to steal; but stored in the heavenly treasures, no insect bites, not rust consumption, there are thieves do not break and steal. Because your treasure is there, your heart will be. (Matthew 6: 19-21)

The “heavenly glory” is not a richly illusory reference to the heart of God or some of these cliche intimate thoughts. The kingdom of God will eventually rule the earth. “The treasure of the heavens” is the value of things in the kingdom of God, such as justice, to give you the opportunity to be productive, the provisions of each person’s needs, respect for each person’s dignity. The implication is that we will do better to invest our money in transforming the world than to protect our accumulated surplus securities activities.

Is it wrong, then, to have a retirement portfolio that even cares about the world for its own or for the material stuff of others? The answer is neither yes nor no. In the absence of a bible from the fact that this channel does not speak for those who are dependent on the wealth of the United States and offers only one question. Other passages are lawyers cautious and farsighted, for example, “who gathers little by little will increase [the wealth]” (Proverbs 13: 11B), and “leave the inheritance to the children of their children.” (Proverbs 13:22) . God led Joseph to seven years of famine in grain storage (Genesis 41: 25-36), and Jesus likened the metaphor of the talented (Matt 25: 14-30, which will be discussed later). The money invested. The rest of the light in the Bible, Matthew 6: 19-34 cannot be forbidden.

But the definitive part of the answer is a warning, outlined in verse 21, “Where Your Treasures Are, Your Heart Is Also.” We might think of this sentence running in other ways, “Where Your Heart Is, There are your treasures are there. “However, the reality of Jesus is more profound. Money changes the heart more than the heart decides how to deal with money. Jesus’ point of view is not “Do you tend to put your money toward something related to you,” but “Your own property will make you more concerned about changing you to them than anything else.” Carefully choose what you have for your Inevitably begin to pay attention and protect it, all the potential damage.

We can call it “Haibao’s principle,” that is, Po-transform. Those who invest the deepest treasures in this world will find that they no longer serve God, but money (Matthew 6:24). This can lead to anxiety from the uncertain future of money (Matt. 6: 25-34). Will it be eroded by inflation? The stock market will collapse? Will bond default? Will bank collapse? I can be sure that what I save will be enough to cope with anything that might happen?

Antidotes are invested in ways that satisfy people’s real needs. Providing clean water or making well-made clothing companies can invest in the kingdom of God, depending on politically motivated subsidies, overheated housing markets, or investments that may not be short of material. This passage in Matthew 6 is not a rule of portfolio management, but it does tell us that our commitment to the ways and means of the kingdom of God extends to how we manage so much wealth as we have.

Now the question, then, you have to material needs and the accumulation of resources what kind of attention. If you pay attention, you are stupid. If you let them replace God’s trust, you become unfaithful. If you pay too much attention to them, you will become greedy. If you acquire them at the expense of others, the kind of person you are becoming is the oppressor of the kingdom of God.

How do we discern between appropriateness and inappropriate attention to wealth? Jesus replied, “First of all, strive for the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be given to you” (Matthew 6:33). The first thing. Despite our large capacity self-deception, this issue can help us to carefully observe where we treasure has to us. This will tell us something about our hearts.

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