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Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors – Specifications and Extra Features.

Samsung Galaxy S8: If you are one of them we have been looking at the 2017 launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, then you may have decided it would be worth the wait. With the Galaxy S7 just been published, we will make it than S6, see a huge upgrade. When galaxies S8 many rumors, we see that we will see everything we want, and so much more. Some of the biggest concept that we have heard will find the upgrade will improve storage, power, efficiency, and safety in both S8 and S8 plus. The greatest feature is two rumors are S8 and the S8 edgewill give users the ability to remove the battery and the ability of the Micro SD card double. Galaxy S8 is a ShowsTopper: While these two features may not sound like much, but look at them a little more to define the true meaning of more...