Whatever the brand or operating system of the smartphone you prefer, sooner or later there will come the inevitable need to buy a new mobile device. Maybe it’s because your old man has finally kicked the bucket, or maybe you just want to move on newer model it’s not that slow by today’s standards. Whatever the reason, however, you probably don’t feel like paying the full price for a new phone.

If you shop around Google Pixel offers, Samsung Galaxy offers, iPhone dealsor other mobile business, your search is over. We have all the latest and best smartphone deals right here, from the seductive managers’ offers to the big price cuts that can save you hundreds – which means you’ll have a lot of money left to score a smartwatch deal to pair with that new shiny phone.

The best smartphone deals today

Courier offers usually require you to sign up for a specific service, exchange an old device or transfer the current number to get the best possible discount, and this is often the best way to get a contract on a branded smartphone (especially new models that have just been released). These smartphone offers, however, also include some unlocked devices that you can take to a service provider of your choice:

  • Apple iPhone (various models, Xfinity)$ 200 off all Xfinity Internet customer models
  • Samsung Galaxy A10e + 1,500 minutes, 1,500 messages and 365 days of service (Tracfone)$ 121, it was $ 348
  • iPhone SE 64GB (Sprint)$ 120 ($ 5 / month) with new line or account, it was $ 400
  • Motorola Moto G7 Play (unlocked)$ 130, it was $ 200
  • Apple iPhone 7 (unlocked, Amazon renewed)$ 180
  • LG Stylo 5 with Alexa Push-to-Talk (unlocked)$ 200, it was $ 300
  • LG V35 ThinQ with speakerphone Alexa (unlocked, exclusive to Prime members)$ 400 for Prime members, it was $ 900
  • OnePlus 7T (T-Mobile, unlockable)$ 499, it was $ 599
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (unlocked)$ 500, it was $ 650

Samsung Galaxy smartphone offers

John Velasco / Digital trends

More than ten years after their inception, Galaxy Samsung smartphones continue to dominate the lion’s share of the Android smartphone market and could probably be considered Apple’s main competition worldwide (although Apple currently enjoys market share higher in the U.S. than all Android phone brands combined). As you have probably deduced from the name, the 2019 Galaxy S10 phones represent the tenth generation of the main flagship line from Samsung, but Samsung had the spirit of 2020 when it launched the new flagship S series – dubbed the Galaxy S20 – in February Galaxy Unpacked event. The Galaxy family also features Note smartphones that occupy a kind of strange space like alternative flagships with larger displays and stylus pens included, although we haven’t seen a new update announced on Galaxy Unpacked. However, Samsung has revealed the only one Galaxy Z Flip, a new spin on the old flip-phone concept, and in late 2019 we saw the biggest one (almost iPad Mini-like when in use) Samsung Galaxy Fold.

As for the offers of 2019, there are actually five tenth generation Galaxy devices that buyers can choose from: The Galaxy S10, the larger S10 Plus, the Budget-conscious S10e, the Note 10, and the Note 10 Plus (the Galaxy Note 10 series are still the most recent Notes you can buy at the moment, although we may see new Note models released later this year). They are all fantastic, although the Galaxy S10e is the best value of the group while the Note 10 Plus may be our favorite in general. Your best bet when looking for an agreement on new versions like these is to take advantage of the courier offers below, but if you don’t mind the latest generation stuff, you can also find great offers on models unlocked by the courier such as the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, Note 9 and similar flagships 2017 and 2018.

Apple iPhone offers

Front keyboard for Apple iPhone 8
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The Apple iPhone is the device that has brought smartphones to the fore and, over a decade later, the series is still going strong. Last year saw the release of not two, but three new models (an industry trend that has become the norm in recent years) in the Mid-range iPhone 11, the flagship iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro max. This follows Apple’s release strategy from 2018, in which the company launched the iPhone XR cheaper along with the more expensive iPhone XS is iPhone XS max flagships. Apple most recently reported the iPhone SE, with the second generation SE being an excellent mid-range alternative similar to Google’s Pixel 3a.

Unfortunately, Apple iPhone offerings can be a bit difficult to find at times. Often, the best way to save hundreds is to take advantage of a courier enrollment offer or simply buy refurbished, but seasoned bargain hunters can still find prepaid or unlocked iPhone deals on new and slightly older models if they look around. . Now is a particularly nice time to look for offers on recently discontinued devices such as the high-end iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, which are large 2017 flagships that are much cheaper now but not too dated for use as your smartphone. everyday.

LG smartphone offers

The sorting of LG’s flagship offerings can be a little confusing due to some strange naming conventions, but there is no denying that this brand eliminates some excellent Android smartphones. Not unlike Samsung, LG has two different flagship lines: standard G series devices and premium V series phones, both of which now carry the LG “ThinQ” brand. This year, the company added three new devices to the G series, the LG G8 ThinQ (the successor of 2018 G7 ThinQ), and the Unique dual-screen ThinQ G8x, while the V series saw an update in the new one LG V50 ThinQ with 5G capacity that succeeded the V35 ThinQ 2018 is V40 ThinQ.

LG’s new offers have not impressed us as much as the others, but they are solid Android devices and are worth it if you can find a good deal, which, with our help, you can. Carriers often offer discounts, discounts and BOGO offers on these premium LG devices, but sometimes you can also find some good unlocked smartphone deals, even on the latest models. And of course, if you want the best deal on a flagship, you can still find new ones (and not used or renewed), don’t look up on slightly older picks like the LG G7 ThinQ or the LG G6.

Offers on Google Pixel smartphones

Google Pixel 3 review
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Google was late for the hardware game, but given that this software titan is the brain behind the Android operating system, it’s not surprising that its Pixel phones offer what could be the best Android experience ready to be found in a mobile device. Contrary to 10-year devices like iPhone or Galaxy, Google’s Pixel devices are currently only the fourth generation: The new Pixel 4 is Pixel 4 XL they were recently released this fall, bringing some noticeable improvements like the all-metal and glass construction (abandoning the partially plastic back of previous models) along with a new three-lens camera module. These have succeeded on excellent Pixel 3 is Pixel 3 XL flagships from 2018.

These flagship smartphones are also affordable compared to the competition (given that Apple and Samsung are releasing flagships in the range of over $ 1,000) and Google has also revealed two even more affordable mid-range alternatives: the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL – early 2019. Google’s staggered smartphone release strategy means we could see a new Pixel 4a and 4a XL next spring, but for now the $ 400 Pixel 3a is the one to buy if you want one of these devices. cheap . Also, while offers on Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL may be scarce so soon after their launch, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are still worthy purchases that can be made for deep discounts now.

Offers for Carrier smartphones

Cellular service providers regularly offer attractive incentives to get you switched to their LTE plans. Courier offers are often also the best way to get offers on new flagships such as iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S20. If you are looking for a new telephone operator, you can save a lot of change and even mark a free device by taking advantage of one of the many smartphone offers that are always available from Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T, although note that these promotions they are often offered in the form of invoice credits rather than regular discounts.

These manager offerings are constantly changing, but you can check the updated offer page of each service provider right here:

  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • AT & T
  • Sprint
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