These are strange and challenging times for businesses. The past few months have put a strain on the financial situation, from the loss of customers and revenues to the fleeing staff, which has led to the arrest of expansion plans, investments and even marketing costs.<!– –>

Digital agencies have also been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent Uplers study66% of agencies reported a drop in overall revenue, while 47% reported a drop in marketing leads.

Lead generation hack

<!– –>But rather than focusing on the negative effects, it’s critical to think creatively and identify ways to generate more leads for the company. Here are five lead generation strategies that agencies must implement ready:

1. Reference program

Referrals are a useful resource for any brand. Not only do they arouse people’s interest, but they also make them talk. Since you have customers who love your services, have them recommend your agency to others.

Ninety-two percent of customers trusted advice from a reliable source. And B2B referrals in particular pride themselves on a conversion rate of 70%!

Introduce a reference program for generating leads at your agency. Any platform works – email or social media – as long as you can identify an incentive (for example, free access to an otherwise paid program or course or discounts on a service) that prompts your customers to refer you to their network.

Professional tip: Use tools like ReferralCandy to reward customers for successful referrals and easily track the results of your referral programs.<!– –>

2. Pop-up with exit intent

Pop-ups are often seen as a nuisance that disrupts visitors while browsing through the website or as soon as they land on the website. But did you know that an exit pop-up on the site can recover 53% abandonment of visitors?

An exit pop-up only activates when visitors hover over a tab in the browser, which means they are less intrusive.

<!– –>In addition, there is no shortage of ideas for pop-up copying. Offer an update of the contents, get them to subscribe to your newsletter, offer a free trial version or push them to register for a consultation with your agency. Pop-ups can be used in many ways!

3. Website forms

Times are difficult and everyone wants to work with a company they can trust! Website forms can be the ultimate lead-gen arsenal for you if you keep three things in mind:

  • a. Keep the form short. Don’t let your potential customers spend too much time sharing their details with you. In many cases, only one email address and one email address is sufficient. But if it is a long form, provide optional and mandatory fields.
  • b. Position the module correctly. If you place it at the bottom of a landing page, most visitors to the website won’t even see it. Therefore, make sure that the form is positioned clearly.
  • c. Incorporate social proof items at the bottom of the form. For example: “95% of novice users say they are very satisfied with our PPC service.” Keep it short since space on the form is limited.

Professional tip: type information it is an excellent tool for turning a list of questions into a conversation starter. Keep testing the copy of your website form to see which ones get the most leads.

4. Guest blog and press coverage

The guest blog is the lifeblood of any digital agency. You must constantly present trending stories and gain traction by showing your authority on the best business and marketing publications. Avoid mass email editors with ideas of articles in step with the times.

Each site has its own guidelines and requirements, so do a thorough research so that you can develop an appropriate article profile and customize the tone to increase your chances of getting approved.

Alternatively, use free online services like HARO is SourceBottle identify print opportunities for your agency and even send suggestions to journalists looking for sources / bytes on the platforms. “Staying in the news” can lead to more qualified leads!

5. Lead magnets

Lead magnets are well-made content, such as an eBook, a practical guide or a series of models or leaflets that potential customers in your sector will find useful. The topics could be topical (eg COVID-19 and remote operation) in general.

Therefore, be sure to create something that they will be willing to provide their contact information with. Once you have their email addresses, keep sharing precious ones resources from time to time or use their data for remarketing.

Professional tip: CoSchedule has an excellent library of resources and newsletters that keeps customers hooked on their brand even if they are not currently shopping. Lead magnets offer a way to justify why you are the best agency on the market. Use it to attract customers.

Final notes

Now is the time for agencies to adapt to the current market scenario to continue doing what they love to do, which is to serve as many customers as possible. Therefore, update / expand your lead generation initiatives and offer value to your potential customers so that they can see you as a market leader and finally buy from you.


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