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The Pentagon is investigating whether special operators

Army Rangers Afghanistan
US Army Rangers clear a room throughout an evening operation with Afghan forces in Helmand province, August 14, 2012. US Army/Spc Justin Young
  • The Pentagon is probing US Central Command’s and US Special Operations Command’s dealing with of potential war crimes throughout US wars within the Middle East.
  • Special-operations forces have handled instances of misconduct and different scandals lately, however present and former members are cautious of the additional scrutiny.
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The Pentagon’s Inspector General is investigating US Central Command’s (CENTCOM) and US Special Operations Command’s (SOCOM) dealing with of potential war-crimes instances inside their operational jurisdiction or by their models.

CENTCOM is one of many extra vital unified combatant instructions within the US navy, because it is accountable for the Middle East and components of Africa. SOCOM is accountable for creating, equipping, and using most US special-operations models.

According to the Inspector General, the target of the investigation is two-fold: First, to judge and decide the extent to which CENTCOM and SOCOM developed applications compliant with the Defense Department’s Law of War necessities and aimed toward stopping or lowering potential war crimes, and second, to find out whether CENTCOM and SOCOM correctly investigated allegations of potential war crimes.

In addition to CENTCOM and SOCOM, Inspector General might be investigating US Forces-Afghanistan, Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve – which is identify for the US-led coalition towards ISIS – and Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

The investigation comes after an ethics evaluation inside US special-operations models and a serious scandal within the Australian special-operations group, the place an in depth investigation revealed a number of instances of war crimes by the Special Air Service Regiment – a unit equal to Delta Force and SEAL Team 6 – and the Commando Regiments.

War fatigue or war crimes?

Marine Raider Afghanistan
A Marine with US Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command waits in ambush for insurgents throughout a patrol with Afghan Special Forces troopers in Helmand Province, April 3, 2012 US Marine Corps/Cpl. Kyle McNally

When it involves the investigation, the view from under is blended.

“I believe the military is getting political pressures from the top, forcing them to do something. War is a nasty place, and accidents do happen,” John Black, a retired Green Beret, advised Insider.

“However, the purposeful act of committing war crimes cannot be tolerated. Having been in [Army Special Forces] for more than 15 years … I can say objectively that Army Special Forces are the most professional soldiers in the world and would never purposefully commit a crime,” Black added.

Steve Balestrieri, a retired Special Forces warrant officer, additionally questioned the timing of the announcement.

“Was it because of the revelation of the Australian case?” Balestrieri advised Insider. If so, “the powers that be may just want to be sure that US forces acted accordingly.”

Accusations of alleged war crimes within the US special-operations group have been round for some time.

Matthew Golsteyn was accused of the unlawful killing of a suspected Taliban bomb maker in Afghanistan in 2010, when Golsteyn was an Army Special Forces member. Golsteyn was one in every of a number of service members who have been pardoned or granted clemency by President Donald Trump.

Army Special Forces Afghanistan
A Special Forces firm commander meets with village elders and Afghan National Army members in Helmand Province, April 10, 2007. US Army/Specialist Daniel Love

Perhaps essentially the most well-known of these instances is that of Chief Eddie Gallagher, a Navy SEAL acquitted in 2019 of war-crimes expenses in relation to the killing of a teenage ISIS fighter. Trump later restored Gallagher’s rank.

In 2017, the Intercept printed a scathing report on the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, as SEAL Team 6 is formally recognized, detailing cases of alleged war crimes and a tradition of impunity. No one from that command was ever formally prosecuted for war crimes.

Insider understands that a number of Australian SAS operators concerned in war crimes had participated in trade applications or coaching with SEAL Team 6. That is not proof of any unlawful habits by American commandos, but it surely reveals the shut relationship of these models on the highest degree – one which frequently entails the sharing of concepts, techniques, and experiences.

Insider has discovered that following a number of scandals over unlawful actions or misconduct within the SEAL Teams, Naval Special Warfare command began an ethics program that every one junior officers should undergo.

“The investigation doesn’t mean an admission of guilt. SOCOM should welcome civilian oversight, as they could therefore never be accused of running amok, like the SAS in Australia has to deal with. But like anything else, it shouldn’t come with any effect on operations,” Balestrieri stated.

To examine or to not examine?

Navy SEAL Afghanistan
A US Navy SEAL takes a defensive place in a village in northern Zabul province, Afghanistan, April 10, 2010. US Navy/Chief MCS Jeremy L. Wood

The navy has a poor report of investigating itself, and each SOCOM and CENTCOM have a historical past of questionable procedures.

“Senior leaders rush to judgment and don’t ensure that investigators are first ‘qualified’ to conduct the investigation,” Retired Marine Corps Maj. Fred Galvin advised Insider.

Nor do these leaders be sure that the “investigator and investigation are completely fair and impartial [and] that the investigator does not have any contact with the command other than receiving clear initial guidance on what to investigate in order to prevent command influence,” Galvin added.

In 2007, Galvin commanded MARSOC Fox Company, a Marine special-operations unit, that was falsely accused of killing civilians in Afghanistan.

Seven Marine Raiders with the unit have been ostracized for years regardless of all obtainable proof indicating they acted inside the legal guidelines of war.

Army 75th Ranger Regiment Iraq
Members of the Army’s seventy fifth Ranger Regiment in Iraq, April 26, 2007. US Army

Currently, troops deploying below SOCOM and CENTCOM really feel like they face competing pressures, as they’re speculated to conduct fight operations however suspect locals could wish to use the US navy justice towards US troops.

“Anything questionable will result in at best a career-ending investigation or being incarcerated. Both have led to strategic victories for the enemy,” Galvin added.

Members of the special-operations group are cautious of the Pentagon investigation.

“I can’t speak for any active-duty troops, but nobody likes outsiders poking into their business, because they’re outsiders with no clue on what the job entails,” Balestrieri stated. “There will always be some who feel that there is a witch-hunt afoot, and we’ve seen those occur.”

But the investigation, whatever the end result, appears unlikely to have a critical impression the commandos or their operations.

“There is an inherent risk when sending operators into harm’s way. We as Americans must ensure that we have our soldiers’ backs no matter what … Operators aren’t worried about investigations as a whole. No operator will be reluctant to pull the trigger. Hours and hours of drills and rehearsals make missions seamless,” Black stated.

Stavros Atlamazoglou is a protection journalist specializing in special operations, a Hellenic Army veteran (nationwide service with the 575th Marine Battalion and Army HQ), and a Johns Hopkins University graduate.

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