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This Mexican Sports Shoe Company Is 30 Years Old, But It Learned to Evolve in 2020

Mexican Sports Shoe Company:

The Mexican firm that produces athletic footwear celebrated its thirtieth anniversary, and over time they’ve been ready to present shoppers with a model of high quality and innovation at honest costs. This model, by the years, has gone from being a small household enterprise to a famed model all through the nation, thanks to its unimaginable female and male designs and first-rate know-how, in addition to having offered jobs to several Mexican households.

“Broadly speaking, Court started 30 years ago, my father José Luis Mares started it. He is still the CEO, who already had experience related to this product. During this trajectory, we have worked with major brands such as New Balance, Asics, where a lot has been learned in the tennis part and all this has served to bring the best products closer to our own brand ”, feedback Omar Mares, Court supervisor.

This firm is the time investing in know-how since they need to present high quality and worth.

“Direct injection slicing equipment, automated stitching, design, and improvement had been bought, all this as a result of in the tip the footwear passes by many palms. All the machines assist you a large number, rather a lot has been invested in them, as a result of earlier than you took tennis from one other model and did it Court, however now several works is put into the design, the soles and giving it a contact of its personal.

The final innovation was this sole. What we wish is to present the identical know-how as what an Adidas, a Puma would offer you, however at a price that we name it – a good worth – the place it’s accessible to everybody “, explains the executive.

In the work of creating these tennis shoes, it requires the work of many people, since it involves an effort in the manufacture, production, and marketing.

“We are now 500 collaborators, many hands go through the tennis before finishing it, and then there are all the indirect ones who participate in this work. In this way, we all help each other, they support us with the realization of tennis and continue to improve quality, delivering this Mexican product, and yes, in the end, we are a family of – so to speak – 500 people ”, Mares mentions.

The main characteristics of Court tennis shoes are energy return, resistance to high and low temperatures, breathable insole, 1000 kilometers of resistance, and comfort. They have the so-called ATOM performance, which complements their latest generation of footwear comfort, created for the day today.

“We were born in the wholesale in León, Guanajuato, where wholesale buyers came, that is, they bought more than 6 pairs from you and sold them in Tepito, in markets or different places.

Later, as the brand evolved, we entered the market, and right now we are even in department stores such as Sears, Coppel, Price Shoes, and in our stores. We are seven points of sale, in the latter, there is a great advantage because you remove the intermediary customer and you can provide better service to your end customer, ”adds Mares.

Evolution Towards Ecommerce:

Due to the pandemic, they can no longer continue to grow in their stores, but they are also betting a lot on electronic commerce, and this is how they currently work to be competitive with the “large leagues”.

Court brought out two new developments in these times, the first consists of introducing into the footwear a liquid that already existed in Germany, which prevents viruses and bacteria from adhering to the surface of the shoe, does not kill germs but prevents them from being embedded.

“We developed a machine to have the opportunity to apply this liquid to footwear and provides folks extra safety. It could be very centered on the well-being sector, as a result of additionally it is repellent to fluids, in case any substance falls on a nurse or physician, they who’re uncovered to viruses and microorganism, in the tip they know that they won’t have it in their footwear,”

Says the manager. “The other was that on an exploration trip to China we came across a company that develops a material called ETPU, which gives the sole much more rebound, in addition to giving you 10,000 km and greater comfort. Before you will run out of the shoe that the sole, resists high and low temperatures, “adds Mares.

This type of sole was brought, the product was developed and made available to all customers, without being an expensive technology, so that it is available to anyone, since other brands handle this technology, however, with them the price on their products is much higher.

Currently, Court has faced several challenges, one of them being that they were closed for two months, so it was quite a blow. Now, they continue to innovate to gain more market.

“The pandemic is going to end, in the end, things will return to normal and for this reason, we want to take advantage of this opportunity to gain market. In the same way, the most difficult thing has been to maintain ourselves, we are many people, I think it is one of the most painful things not being able to continue there with all of us because there was a reduction in personnel, that is the most complicated part, that of having to let go of the people who have been with us. The economy has hit us very hard and we have to keep innovating to be able to sell, ”says Mares.

Currently, Court has faced several challenges, one of them being that they were closed for two months, so it was quite a blow. Now, they continue to innovate to gain more market / IMagen: Courtesy Court

Its purpose as a brand is to “democratize technology”, which means that it can reach as many people as possible, that many people can have access to it, take advantage of and enjoy its benefits.

“Continuing to develop as a Mexican model so that we’re an organization that our folks feel pleased with and happy with carrying Mexican footwear that competes with any worldwide model. Another problem we’ve got is to promote overseas and that requires higher and higher merchandise that I feel we’re going there ”, says Mares.

Despite the financial issues stemming from the pandemic, Court continues with several objectives and to succeed in transferring ahead in the market.

“Right now that there was this crisis, we decided to bet on the brand there are Nameless, which I think we are doing a very good match, it is supporting Mexican brands so that in the end they survive and they will be the ones that will have the opportunity to continue investing, ”concludes Mares.

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