Harry Kane has scored 16 goals in 14 games against Leicester

Tottenham increased the chances of playing football in the Europa League next season and dealt a severe blow to the ambitions of the Leicester Champions League with a superb performance.

Brendan Rodgers’ Leicester team have been in the top four in the Premier League for much of the season, but this disastrous away defeat leaves them with a difficult task that will enter their last league game next Sunday.

The Foxes finish the season against Manchester United in fifth place, but if the Red Devils beat West Ham on Wednesday and claim a draw at King Power, they will be guaranteed a top four finish at Leicester’s expense.

James Justin’s goal from the Son Heung-min strike and Harry Kane’s double – including a sumptuous curling attempt – marked Spurs’ victory after a splendid first half.

Leicester had chances but couldn’t find a way to get past an inspired Hugo Lloris, who made a series of superb rescues to deny Jamie Vardy, Ayoze Perez and Demarai Gray.

Jose Mourinho’s team rises to sixth place in the standings, with two points ahead of the Wolves, but Nuno Espirito Santo’s team has a game in hand.

Mourinho works his magic

Spurs was in disarray when President Daniel Levy made the shocking decision to fire the popular Mauricio Pochettino and replace him with former Chelsea and Manchester United boss Mourinho.

Without injuries at the beginning of the season it would be a different story: Mourinho

They were 14th in the league and had only won three of the first 12 league games this season, but the Portuguese boss has taken advantage of his vast experience to change things.

Although a desperately poor loss against Sheffield United has left him questioning the mentality of his players, their overall form has been excellent since the restart and they have collected five wins and two draws in eight games.

While European football next season seemed unlikely at the start of the campaign, a surge in the end of the season means that seventh place may be enough for a place in the Europa League, depending on the winners of the FA Cup.

Spurs’ conclusion in the first 45 minutes was clinical: the attacker Son saw his shot deflected by James after taking the wrong foot Kasper Schmeichel, before England captain Kane showed his class.

The striker, who recently surpassed his 200 career goals, has tormented Leicester every time he has played against them and has led his count in 16 games in 14 against the Foxes with a nice left end and a brilliant second that Schmeichel’s reach stuck exactly in the far post.

After going 3-0 in the interval, it was not possible to go back to Leicester in the second period, when Mourinho’s men were able to see the game.

Leicester’s misery continues

The Leicester Rodgers boss had claimed that a European goal was their goal, one that they achieved, but will be shocked by the capitulation of his team by the restart which makes them unsure of a place in the Champions League next term.

Leicester not aggressive enough – Rodgers

Having been exceptional for the whole season and at one point they were the closest challengers to any Liverpool champions, their miserable run came at the wrong time and now they have won only two of the last eight games.

They are holding on to fourth place, but they are in terms of points and goal difference with Manchester United, who knows that a heavy victory against West Ham in the next championship game will leave Leicester who needs a big victory of his own on the last day. .

They will be grateful to Captain Schmeichel for making a crucial stop to counter Son’s diving effort, as conceding another goal would have seen them drop to fifth on goal difference.

Leicester could have easily scored four or five goals, but was unable to penetrate the goal of Lloris, the French World Cup winner who kept off the wheel of top scorer Vardy.

And the Tottenham captain made even better stops to add to Leicester’s torment, showing his keen reactions to twice rejecting Perez’s volley and long-range, as well as the flight save long-range free kick by Gray and Kelechi Iheanacho’s curler.

‘We are really upset in the first half’ – what they said

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers tells BBC Sport: “They are a brilliant group of guys and honest. We played the form well and we were causing them problems. The first goal was a great disappointment and this gave them energy.

“When they reach 3-0 at half time they can then stay inside and close it. We are really upset in the first half.

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho talks to Sky Sports: “I think we were strategically good. We knew what worked for us. Brendan Rodgers has done a great job since he arrived, but he’s having a bit of an injury problem right now. I know what it is because I had problems similar to the other end.

“Clearly we are one of the teams with more points during this period than after the break. Now we have to fight to get to sixth place. We have to win and this is difficult and waiting for something in our other opponents.

“The seventh is what we can achieve without dependence on others. What we are doing and what we are improving is very important for the next season.”

The Man of the Match – Harry Kane (Tottenham)

Kane has scored with both of his shots on goal against Leicester

Mourinho added: “It is difficult for me to compare the attackers, but I have had almost every club one of the best. Of course, Harry is second to none. They are just different qualities. As a striker, as a scorer, team player and a leader , is fantastic.

“He is an extraordinary professional and works very well. He cannot play better. He is a fantastic striker and Tottenham is lucky enough to have him.”

Which neighbor?

The Spurs end their season with a trip to Crystal Palace, while Leicester hosts Manchester United in what could prove to be the winner for a Champions League spot. All 10 matches on the last day take place on Sunday, kicking off at 16:00 BST).

Spurs finally feel at home – the statistics

  • Tottenham have won four Premier League games for the first time at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: it is the longest winning run at home since December 2018 (4).
  • Leicester City (D3 L5) went away for eight Premier League games without a win for the first time since February 2017 (a run of 15).
  • Leicester City have lost three away games against Tottenham for the first time since December 1966.
  • Since Jose Mourinho’s first game in command of Tottenham in November 2019, the Lilywhites have won 44 points; only Liverpool (59), Man City (50) and Man Utd (46) have collected more in this period.
  • Tottenham forward Harry Kane has now scored 16 goals in 14 games against Leicester in all competitions, more than he has scored against any other opponent in his career.
  • Tottenham’s Lucas Moura witnessed two goals in one game for Tottenham for the second time only, also doing so against Rochdale in the FA Cup in February 2018.
  • Tottenham Hotspur have benefited from more goals of their own (5) than any other Premier League team this season.
  • Leicester City has conceded a goal in consecutive Premier League matches for the first time since February 2004.

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