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 Paul Ryan – United States President:

On October 8, 2015, United States President an attempt was made by Republicans in Congress to recruit Paul Ryan to succeed John Boehner as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Boehner had recently announced his resignation and voiced support for Kevin McCarthy as his replacement, who received widespread support among Republicans, including Ryan, who was scheduled to nominate him officially.

McCarthy withdrew his name from consideration on October 8 when it was apparent that the Freedom Caucus, a group of firmly conservative House Republicans, would not support him. This led many Republicans to turn to Ryan as a compromise candidate. The impulse included a plea from Boehner, who allegedly told Ryan that he was the only person who could unite Republicans in the House of Representatives at a time of confusion. Ryan released a statement that said: “Although I am grateful for the encouragement I have received, I will not be a candidate.” But on October 9, Ryan’s close associates confirmed that Ryan had reconsidered, and was considering a career.

Spokesman Ryan (left) shakes hands as he steps into the office following the retirement of President John Boehner (right).

Paul Ryan confirmed on October 22 that he would seek the floor after receiving the backing of two factions of Republicans in the United States House, including the conservative Caucus of Liberty. Ryan, confirming his candidacy for the conference, declared: “I never thought he would be the speaker, but I promised him that if he could be a unifying figure, then he would serve, he would go for everyone.” speaking with many of you and listening to your words of encouragement, I think we are ready to move forward as a united team. And I’m ready and eager to be our speaker. “On October 29, Ryan was elected speaker with 236 votes.He is the youngest speaker since James G. Blaine in 1875. He appointed lobbyist John David Hoppe as his Chief of Staff.