by Janet Attard
Last updated on Sunday 19 July 2020
Do potential customers click on your website without reading, buying or calling you? Make your site more user-friendly and attract more customers to act by evaluating your website against this usability checklist.

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How long do people spend on your website? Do they find the products or information you want them to find? Can they quickly find the information they want so they can make a purchase or contact you about your services?

To be effective, your website must be easy to use for someone who knows nothing about your company, your products or your website. A visitor must be able to find what they want in seconds or they will click away and probably won’t come back.

To make sure your site is easy to use, try looking at it objectively, as if you were a stranger and answer the questions in the checklist below.

For all sites:

  • Can visitors quickly (2 seconds or less) say what you do when they land on your site?
  • Can visitors easily find information and / or products?
  • Is navigation clear and consistent throughout the site?
  • Does the Back button always take them back to the previous page?
  • Do pages load quickly?
  • Can visitors easily find out who runs the site?
  • Do you ask visitors to sign up for a newsletter or special offer so that they can acquire their email addresses and continue communicating with them when they leave the site?
  • Are the most important elements of your site visible without scrolling up or down or from side to side on laptop screens and typical desktop screens?
  • Does the site look good when viewed with all popular web browsers?
  • Does the design respond so that it looks good on smartphones and tablets?

  • Do you have alternative text tags below the graphics (to allow visitors who are blind or have disabled graphics to find important links)?
  • Do you have a mechanism in place to allow people to add pages to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social networking sites?
  • Do you have an important link Contact us?
  • Are your name, address and telephone number on every page of the site?
  • Do you have a way for visitors to contact you by email?

For e-commerce sites

  • Can visitors quickly find products and product descriptions?
  • Can they find pricing information?
  • Are there links to related products (accessories to wear with a women’s dress, for example)?
  • Can they say what to click to place an order?
  • Can they find the payment button when they are ready to pay for their order?
  • Can they find your phone number from every page if they have questions?
  • Can they easily find information and shipping costs?
  • Can they find your guarantee and return policy?
  • Can they find information about the company and its management?
  • Can they find other important information you want them to have?

After making your website review, ask some people who don’t know much about your business to look at the website while you watch them. See what they click on and how they go through the site. Note if they seemed confused or unsure of what to do next at any time. Make changes to the site both on the basis of your responses to the checklist and on any problems detected by observing others who view the site.

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Janet Attard is the founder of the award-winning Company know-how small business website and information resource. Janet is also the author of The Home Office is the answer book for small businesses and of Company know-how: an operational guide for domestic and micro-sized activities with limited budgets. Follow Janet on chirping and go LinkedIn

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