White Dwarfs Compact Corpses: The Hot Compact Corpses of Low Mass Stars

White Dwarfs Compact Corpses: The Hot Compact Corpses of Low Mass Stars

White Dwarfs Star:

Do you know about white dwarfs Star? Here are some facts about it. NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captures the field of star shells. These ancient white dwarfs are 12 to 13 billion years old, only slightly younger than the universe itself. In theory, the white dwarf will eventually stop glowing and fever, becoming a black dwarf star. White Dwarfs Star. Corpses
Credit: NASA and H. Richer (University of British Columbia).
The stars in the sky may seem eternal and invariant, but in the end most will turn into white dwarfs, which is the last observable stage of low quality and medium mass stars. The dark stars of the stars lit the galaxy, leaving the stars from the bright stars.


The main star is formed by the dust and the gas from the gravity. How stars develop in their life depends on their quality. The largest stars, eight times or more of the sun's quality, will never become white dwarfs. On the contrary, at the end of their life, they will explode in a violent supernova, leaving a neutron star or black hole.

Little stars, however, will take a slightly more sedate path. Low-quality to medium-quality stars, such as the sun, eventually inflated into red giants, eventually shedding their outer layers into rings called planetary nebulae (early observers think that nebula is similar to planets such as Neptune and Uranus). Leaving the core will be a white dwarf star, a star without a fusion of hydrogen shell. white dwarfs star.

Small stars, such as red dwarfs, do not make it into a red star state. They just burn all the hydrogen inside the star, leaving a white dwarf shell. However, the red dwarf spent tens of thousands of years to consume their fuel, far more than the universe of 13.8 billion years old, so no red dwarf has not yet become a white dwarf star.


When the stars run out of fuel, it collapses inward. The white dwarf contains about the solar mass, but roughly has the radius of the earth. It makes them incredibly dense, only neutron stars and black holes beaten. The gravity of the white dwarf surface is 350,000 times the earth's gravity. white dwarfs star.

The white dwarfs reach this incredible density because they are so crashed that their electrons are smashed together to form the so-called "degenerate". This means that the larger mass of the white dwarf has a smaller radius than its smaller mass counterpart. The burning stars balance the inward thrust of the gravity with the outward thrust of the fusion, but in the white dwarf, the electrons must be tightly squeezed together to create outward pressure. Therefore, in the red giant stage has scattered most of its quality, no white dwarf can be more than 1.4 times the quality of the sun. 

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This image is NGC 6543, known as the cat's eye nebula, as it appears in the Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Hubble Space Telescope. A planetary nebula is a stage of stellar evolution, the sun should start from now on for billions of years, when it swells into a red star, and then distributes most of its outer layer, leaving a hot core, contracting to form a dense White dwarf star. This image was released on October 10, 2012.
Credit: X-ray: NASA / CXC / RIT / J. Kastner et al .; Optical: NASA / STScI

Final Blow:

While many white dwarfs fade into relatively ignorant, eventually radiating all their energy and become a black dwarf, those who have companions may suffer different destinies.

If the white dwarf is part of a binary system, it may be able to pull the material from its partner onto its surface. Increasing the quality can have some interesting results. [Video: companion star on the diners white dwarf star feed]

One possibility is that adding more mass to the white dwarf may cause it to collapse into a dense neutron star. white dwarfs star.

The more explosive result is the 1a supernova. As the white dwarf draws material from the companion, the temperature rises, eventually triggering a runaway reaction, detonating in the exposed supernova, destroying the white dwarf. This process is called a simple degenerate model of type 1a supernova.

If the partner is another white dwarf rather than the active star, the two stellar corpses together to start the fireworks. This process is called a double degenerate model of type 1a supernova. white dwarfs star.

At other times, the white dwarf may pull enough material from its companion, ignite in a new star, a smaller explosion. Because the white dwarf remains intact, it can repeat this process several times, and when it reaches the critical point, simply breathe life back to the dying stars over and over again.

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