In Lifestyle, we have always written about companies that compete on price or offer a price comparison service, including loans, credit cards, bank accounts, insurance, cars, cell phones and other financial services.

So the UK consumer seems to be using price comparison for everything, but apparently not in the medical or dental professions. This is rather strange considering how much we pay for medical insurance or dental visits every year.

But this is all set to change with the launch of MediCompare. The London-based start-up comes from the words “doctor” and “comparison” and appears to be the first official comparison site for doctors and dentists in the UK. Sure, there are few other sites that only list dentists in your area or allow you to book online, but they have never been so closely compared to the price.

The NHS is becoming increasingly busy

The medical comparison actually makes sense. NHS waiting lists are getting longer and if you need an emergency dentist, you can’t exactly sit down. But a private dentist can make you pay through the roof, so using a tool that allows you to find the dentist closest to you and one that also charges the best price is a very logical and inexpensive approach.

There are some things that simply cannot wait like wisdom tooth pain and it may take weeks before seeing a NHS dentist. Not to mention the fact that you may have to wait in the hospital all day for your appointment. There is no reason why you can’t use MediCompare to find a private dentist on the way who might see you today and it would probably cost you the same since you didn’t have to travel far or take a work day off.

Plastic surgery and implants have never been more popular

Breast implants, facelifts and botox are becoming increasingly popular in Britain. Everyone wants to look like a movie star and now you can get botox on the main road. But the lack of a real price comparison has led the British to supervise operations in search of cheaper treatments. Unfortunately this has caused outrageous side effects from professionals without qualifications or experience. The Daily Mail constantly hears about operations that went wrong overseas and there is even a TV show on it called Botched Up Organisms.

An example story is how Cheryl from Essex, who traveled to Poland for a facelift to save £ 4,000, but went so badly that she had to pay the NHS £ 6,000 to fix it.

The shows we see on TV constantly show horrible scars and strange side effects – which make the person much worse than they originally were.

There is a similar story with teeth whitening as rogue traders try to sell teeth whitening kits online, but the product is not tested and illegal causing burning in the mouth and horrendous results for poor customers.

In summary

So when you evaluate it, there is a real need for a price comparison in the medical and dental profession and we are interested in seeing what will happen to MediCompare in the near future.

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