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Winter Moisture Trio » The Natural Beauty Workshop

Winter Moisture Trio:

three formulations for Winter Moisture Trio extremely moisturizing pure magnificence merchandise.

It’s protected to say that 2020 has been a difficult yr for all of us. With the pandemic nonetheless inflicting uncertainty throughout the globe, customers are craving consolation, now greater than ever.

Many magnificence practices that have been happening within the salon are taking place from the consolation of dwelling, and because of the winter months method, customers will flock to their favorite manufacturers to assist with dry pores and skin and hair.

Use the next formulations from our Winter Moisture Trio to encourage your line of winter care merchandise, and encourage your clients to create wholesome self-care rituals that can preserve their pores and skin and hair moisturized and guarded through the colder months. 

These formulations concentrate on all three areas that want winter safety: hair, physique, and face. We used extremely nutritive oils which might be filled with antioxidants, important fatty acids, and tocopherols. With all three of those merchandises, you’ll discover that somewhat bit goes a great distance, making them important magnificence staples that would final all winter lengthy.

Shelf Life & Stability:

Please be aware that the formulations featured right here on The Natural Beauty Workshop haven’t been problem examined for stability or shelf life, and might not be appropriate for business use as-is. For extra info on shelf life, stability, and dealing with preservatives, take a look at the following article from our Information Library.

Winter Hair Serum:

Our Organic Kalahari Melon is the star ingredient on this liquid serum, supported by Organic High Oleic Safflower Oil and Organic Natural Jojoba Oil. Kalahari Melon Seed oil is exhibiting up in lots of stylish magnificence merchandise in the marketplace and with good purpose: this exceptional oil boasts a powerful 70% linoleic acid (omega-6 important fatty acid) content material and is a superb supply of pure tocopherols. 

As a crowning glory, we used a relaxing mix of Patchouli and Lavender Essential Oils on this serum, however, you may as well substitute with any of our Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts, Plant-Based Fragrance Oils or Fragrance Oils.

Winter Hair Serum Formulation:


  1. Combine Phase A collectively in your container.
    We used our 2 oz. PET Cosmo Round Bottles With Disc Caps.
  2. Shake effectively to mix substances. 


Three methods during which this serum could also be used:

  1. Add just a few drops of the oil to your palms and therapeutic massage into dry hair beginning with the ideas working as much as the scalp.
  2. Work just a few drops into moist hair as an after-shower hair conditioner.
  3. Gently warmth the oil bottle in a heat water tub for five minutes to create a sizzling oil therapy. Leave on for 20 minutes then wash and magnificence as regular.

Follow this hyperlink for extra packaging concepts:

Makes One 2 oz Test Serum:

  • 28 gr Organic Kalahari Melon Oil​
  • 14 gr Organic High Oleic Safflower Oil
  • 14 gr Organic Natural Jojoba Oil
  • .50 gr Patchouli Essential Oil
  • .50 gr Organic Lavandin Abrialis Essential Oil, France

Winter Body Balm:

This all-over physique balm gives deep moisture to dry and weary winter pores and skin. Our premium Calabash Oil and Organic Calendula Extract mix with strong kinds of butter and pure beeswax to create an opulent balm that glides on the pores and skin with ease. Not solely is our Calabash Oil filled with 78% skin-loving important fatty acids, it’s ethically and sustainably sourced, lending a constructive story to any product that features this distinctive ingredient.

We blended our Frankincense CO2 Select Extract with Organic Bergamot Essential Oil to create heat, vivid, and barely citrusy scent that enhances this balm completely. We used Deodorized Cocoa Butter for this formulation, however, the irresistible chocolatey scent of our Organic Cocoa Butter additionally pairs surprisingly effectively with this important oil mix. 

Winter Body Balm Formulation:

PhaseTrade Name/INCIFunctionalityw/w%
ADeodorized Cocoa Butter
INCI: Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter
Soothes, protects, moisturizes15
 White Filtered Beeswax Pellets
INCI: Beeswax
Emollient, emulsifier, humectant20
BCupuacu Butter
INCI: Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupuacu) Seed Butter
Moisturizes, hydrates, stabilize emulsions20
CCalabash Oil
INCI: Lagenaria Sphaerica (Calabash) Seed Oil
Nourishes soothe,  protects35
 Organic Calendula Oil Extract
INCI: Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil and Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract
Emollient, anti-inflammatory, soothes problematic pores and skin9
 Frankincense CO2 Select Extract
INCI: Boswellia Carteri (Frankincense) Oil
Aromatic promotes grounding and steadiness, helps the wholesome respiratory system.50
 Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, FCF
INCI: Citrus Bergamia (Bergamot) Oil
Aromatic promotes steadiness, well-being, and uplifted spirits.50


  1. Combine Phase A in a double boiler and gently warmth till absolutely melted. 
  2. Then add Phase B and soften.
  3. Remove from warmth and permit combination to chill barely.
  4. Add Phase C to melted Phases A and B, and blend effectively. 
  5. When utterly blended, pour into your containers. We used our 1 oz. Brown Paperboard Push-Up Tubes with Caps


Slide onto pores and skin and therapeutic massage in till absorbed. Apply generously to dry, tough areas akin to elbows, knees, and wind-chapped cheeks for additional safety.

Our Deodorant Containers would even be an important possibility for this formulation.

Makes Four 1 oz Test Body Balms:

  • 17 gr ​Deodorized Cocoa Butter
  • 23 gr White Filtered Beeswax Pellets
  • 23 gr ​Cupuacu Butter
  • 40 gr Calabash Oil
  • 10 gr Organic Calendula Oil Extract
  • 1 gr Frankincense CO2 Select Extract
  • 1 gr Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, FCF

Winter Facial Serum:

The final of our Winter Moisture Trio is maybe our favorite. We targeted utilizing substances that can preserve pores and skin wanting vibrant and clean all winter lengthy. Most importantly, these lightweight oils are not going to clog your pores or depart pores and skin feeling greasy.

The key ingredient on this serum is Tomato Seed CO2 Total Extract. Rich in lycopene, Vitamin E, and important fatty acids, this oil is a distinctive alternative for delicate facial pores and skin that wants some additional safety. 

We blended oils of Myrrh, Frankincense, and Clary Sage to imbue a heat, seasonal aroma to this serum–nevertheless, you might want to depart these out and let the mellow, fruity aroma of the Tomato Seed Oil shine by way of. 

Winter Facial Serum Formulation:

PhaseTrade Name/INCIFunctionalityw/w%
ATomato Seed CO2 Total Extract
INCI: Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomato) Seed Extract
Soothes, moisturizes, nourishes, hydrates, helps delicate pores and skin40
 Organic Kalahari Melon Oil
INCI: Citrullus Lanatus (Kalahari Melon) Seed Oil
Soothes softens, moisturizes, helps wholesome hair and pores and skin25
 Calabash Oil
INCI: Lagenaria Sphaerica (Calabash) Seed Oil
Nourishes soothe, protects25
 Organic ​​Chia Seed CO2 Total Extract
INCI: Salvia Hispanica (Chia) Seed Extract and Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract
Nourishes help delicate and problematic pores and skin8.50
 Myrrh CO2 Select Extract
INCI: Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Resin Extract
Aromatic promotes grounding and steadiness, calms the spirit, helps the wholesome respiratory system.50
 Frankincense CO2 Select Extract
INCI: Boswellia Carteri (Frankincense) Oil
Aromatic promotes grounding and steadiness, helps the wholesome respiratory system.50
 Clary Sage Essential Oil, England
INCI: Salvia Sclarea (Clary Sage) Oil
Aromatic, promotes calmness, rest, and religious steadiness.50


  1. Combine all of Phase A collectively into your container. We used our 2 oz. Flint Boston Round Bottles with Droppers. 
  2. Shake effectively to mix substances.  


Apply just a few drops to the pores and skin and gently therapeutic massage in till absorbed. 

Makes One 2 oz Test Serum:

  • 23 gr Tomato Seed Oil CO2 Total Extract
  • 14 gr Organic Kalahari Melon Oil​ ​
  • 14 gr Calabash Oil​
  • 5 gr Organic ​​Chia Seed CO2 Total Extract
  • .25 gr Myrrh CO2 Select Extract
  • .25 gr Frankincense CO2 Select Extract
  • .25 gr Clary Sage Essential Oil, England

Looking for extra seasonal formulation to invigorate your pure magnificence merchandise this winter? Check out our Sweet Chai Body Lotion and Mentholated Eucalyptus Shower Melts.

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