Independent Taxi Network – The World’s First Project is Up And Running.


Independent Taxi Network

The company, which will be tested the Independent Taxi Network in Singapore’s business district by hail its service called 1 north, in the area since April has begun to test its autonomous driving technology, and select in the development of this technology, the official cooperation of the Government of Singapore partner earlier this month.

NuTonomy plans to deploy the entire vehicle fleet – 2018 in Singapore – at least 1,000 people.

By experiment, people will be able to choose the number of hail six autonomy cars one – whether Renault Zoe or Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car, the company has the feel and self-driving technical modifications.

using the company’s proprietary applications by hail. NuTonomy engineers will remain on board to ensure that the system is working properly and take over if necessary. 

As the technology is developed, autonomous driving could provide driving opportunities for the physically challenged or enable the elderly to continue driving longer. This will be vital as many nations experience an aging population.

At this stage of the test, the company expects to collect the efficiency of automotive applications, vehicle scheduling system, and other software-related issues, data and user experience feedback. 

NuTonomy certainly not in service test ride hail independent technology company. Uber Cup and Volvo last week, limited testing in its semi-autonomous XC90s, technology-equipped semi-autonomous Uberannounced a partnership. Pittsburgh selected, the user can apply hail these vehicles by Uber

Automated vehicles have the potential to dramatically improve road safety and revolutionize our transport systems.

The semi-autonomous technology industry is generally considered to be three of autonomy because it still needs to continue to participate in the car behind the steering wheel of one of those things. Level four, five driverless vehicles technology are considered to be fully self-driving because it does not require a person to keep watch or participate.

When re-encoding tried autonomy car while it is still in development, the movement of the vehicle is a bit clumsy, but the software is able to navigate around obstacles such as buildings and has been able to approach stopped a vehicle in some other self-driving prototypes.

Awkward, of course, is a small bug and more. Err on the safe side, the company’s engineers are often the vehicle can be programmed to give other objects at a distance.

The company has been actively speaking many potential partnerships carmakers, autonomy Chief Operating Officer Doug Parker told Re-encoding test drive, or even consider license their technology to carmakers sometimes on the line a.

However, as an official partner of Singapore, autonomy laser is focused on meeting the goal of many technical milestones – the deployment of self-driving cars without driver safety.

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