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Xiaomi Mi7 Rivalry:

The two will be face to face and Xiaomi MI7 and LG launch the LG G6One such competition in 2017. With the improvement and development of the smartphone industry, many new competitors are emerging.

Here, we take a closer look at two of 2017’s most anticipated smartphone of millet MI7 and LG G6 is sure to create quite a competition.

Xiaomi TO Make Some Big:

Improved appearance and elegant design are going to be a part of MI7 of millet. The daring and non-curved rectangle is one thing which will make it more attractive. Here it will be the front and back glass. Many updated features such as waterproof, shockproof and health sensors will be part of Xiaomi MI7.

With 4GB of memory and octa-core 3.0GHz processor, millet MI7 to occupy large speed. In addition, the 3D camera is a part of the apparatus. 25Mp and 800-megapixel rear camera, respectively the former will make this phone is better than the average person.

In addition, it will come up with a 2900 mA when the battery. However, it is not up to the required level. With so many filling functions, + is the 3500mAh battery is required.

LG G6 is Not Far Behind:

LG G6 is expected over the 2017 second quarter bendable displays. This is something new, it may be LG’s core competitiveness. In addition, like millet MI7, it has a number of sensors.

What makes it better is that it is expected to be equipped with a 4200 mA when the battery power. This is more than enough power to run through the day. In addition, it would be great about almost 5.6 inches display.

The processor may be the same but LG G6 Xiaomi MI7 1GB of RAM will be higher. The latest Android 7.0 system will be installed in two. Basically, the two devices have almost the same size. What makes LG has already established a brand image and relatively good battery power.

Perfect Rivalry:

Definitely, the competition between the two is very difficult to provide the features and specifications of high similarity. However, many differences, sorting out the perfect choice to help.

For those at relatively low prices aimed at a number of features can be found Xiaomi MI7 better because it costs about $ 450, a smaller area and therefore easier to use.

Instead, it aimed at the more features and a huge screen, and are willing to pay higher prices can go LG G6, because it costs about $ 750. This competition will be the most interesting one Smartphone 2017’s.

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